When The Internet Gives You Lemons, Give Away Some Games


This morning we launched a promotion on Facebook where fans of Shadow Warrior could like the new Facebook page and receive a Steam key for Shadow Warrior Classic (1997), the original version of the game, for free. As luck would have it some folks were able to sidestep some of the security and download the Steam keys we had set aside for this promotion - all 50,000 of them. Whoops.

So what to do? The idea was to let fans of the original game and folks that had not tried it before have a chance to download it for free and get involved in the community for the reimagined Shadow Warrior that our friends at Flying Wild Hog are developing for release later this year. Now we just had a lot of disappointed fans that wanted to get the game but the promotional app was, for lack of a better term, empty and there were no more keys at the ready to reload it. And if we did, wouldn’t they just get zapped again? With some of the original keys, that were meant to be free, already being sold online we had to do something. 


Well, we made the decision to go ahead and make the game free to play for anyone on Steam. Originally, the team thought we’d just make it for a limited time (as the Facebook feed clearly illustrates) but then we realized why not just let it be free forever. There were never plans to charge for this base version of the original game so why not let everyone have a go at it.

So there you go - Shadow Warrior Classic (1997) is free for anyone on Steam. If you want even more classic action you can head over to GOG and get the original game plus the Wanton Destruction and Twin Dragon expansion packs for a few bucks and it’s DRM-free. 

And then there is the new Shadow Warrior. More on that soon…

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